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“Dream of a Swan” Portraits by Natalia Nora Meister

“Dream of a Swan” Portraits by Natalia Nora Meister.
Natalia Nora Meister is a photographer from Budapest. Natalia works in the genres of portraiture and fashion photography.

These photos are trying to recall the world of Swan Lake.  The images also refer to the popular movie, Black Swan which was directed by one of my idols, Darren Aronofsky.

“Dream of a Swan” Portraits by Natalia Nora Meister:

natalia-nora-meister 1 natalia-nora-meister 2 natalia-nora-meister 3 natalia-nora-meister 4 natalia-nora-meister 5 natalia-nora-meister 6

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