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Moskvarium and Its Inhabitants

I really wanted to see the whales. The wildlife they might meet in the Far East, for example, although they say that it’s scary. It is possible in the aquarium – next to us are orcas in Loro Park in Tenerife).

And in Moscow in 2015 appears Moskvarium – one of the biggest aquariums located far from the sea.
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If you arrive in the vicinity of 13 hours, you can get to the feeding of piranhas, but this was not anything spectacular, far more pleasant to see how the Baikal seal communicate with those who fed them and educates:

Do these comrades we hovered for a long time, came back to him four times:

Horseshoe crabs – one of the ancient inhabitants of our planet. This is an animal exists on Earth for 440 million years. And this history can be touched literally – put his hand into the aquarium and touch horseshoe crabs:

And here is the killer whales, their aquarium is located right next to the cafe, the reflections of which severely hamper see the animals:

A relative of the seahorse can freeze for several hours:

But the skates themselves:

Inscription of falling water (fascinating when you look at it live):

The huge building Moskvariuma at ENEA, but almost all the space occupies an auditorium for shows and an aquarium for dolphins and whales, and all that you can see – at the bottom, in the basement at a fairly modest area.

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