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Luxury in the Style of "Eco": Modern House in Mallorca

Eco-trend today is experiencing the peak of its popularity – people today are trying to organize their livelihoods so as not to harm the natural environment, and myself too. We buy organic food, use natural remedies instead of household chemicals, and now are building a true eco-home.

Stephen Nickel, of EcoDesignFinca, has built a stunning house that upon first glance will make you want to book a trip to Mallorca.
Interestingly, the house was originally built in Germany, after which he moved to parts of Spain, where he erected in the middle of the beautiful green meadow.

Eco-house is built with the latest technical developments with the highest quality materials. This one-level building in the shape of the letter “H” is located on an area of ​​400 square meters, which could fit five bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, a spa area, a living room, a cozy kitchen and a spacious lounge. There is also an office for work at home, and in the little patio is a relaxing terrace and pool.

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