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Mirror Mirror House on a Roof by Remco Siebring in Netherlands

Sitting down higher than the rooftops within the Netherlands, the Mirror Mirror Roof House by Remco Siebring puts all other tree homes to disgrace.
Like its title implies, the cubed roof extension is clad inside of a mirrored glass, reflecting the landscape all around it and making it just about vanish in to the history.
The double-height inside is totally sheathed in sheets of organic pinewood, housing an business office along with a floating steel bedroom.
Significant openings on each individual wall not only make it possible for in a good amount of sunlight but will also deliver steady views on the surround treetops.
Not as well shabby for the 12-year-old boy.

Though to the outside the construction requires on the alternatively futuristic and clear look, Remco Siebring made the inside employing standard materials to create a stunning environment.
The wood-framed walls are included in sheets of top-grade pinewood generating a timber interior illuminated by huge rectangular windows on each and every facade.
The fabric variety more supports the concept of the tree household, working with wood to allude towards the tree tops, although a steel shelf supported 3 meters over the underside ground level serves as the perch in the branches- a cantilevered mezzanine containing the mattress.
The addition incorporates a fairly uncomplicated program for its solitary inhabitant- a bed room, office environment, and entry space, just about every open to your other.

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