Now you will see a miracle


German operator Daniel Csobot took a two-minute video about the main miracle of nature.

The idea of ​​the video clip, shot on technology timelapse, was born to Daniel Csobot because of his fascination of the macro worlds and the interest in the fact that the inherent nature of all living things – the ability to grow and develop from nothing.

It’s a miracle, when from a tiny seed, in which there is almost nothing but genetic material, suddenly grows a plant, large or small. When out of the seed can turn even a tree. When the two cells after just a short period of time suddenly get a real person or an animal. The magic of growth – even the blossoming – embodied in the video, which the author was shooting for five months. Watercress sprouts, buds emerge from the leaves, the flowers bloom, the world is alive and fantastically beautiful.


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