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Emotionally Photo Manipulations by Mikael Aldo

Emotionally Photo Manipulations by Mikael Aldo.

Mikael Aldo was born in 1996 in Jakarta, Indonesia, currently living in Bekasi, Indonesia. He started to know photography when he was fourteen, and two years later he began taking self-portraits. From then on photography has been such a great medium for him to tell stories and share the world he creates.

Aldo’s work is filled with raw emotions and discovery that reflect his own challenges with self-criticism and creative growth. He says, “To me, this was not an easy road to travel. Yet for the very first time in my life, I’ve finally found the thing that I love and enjoy doing the most. Everything about school had never motivated me. The only thing I had done after the school bell rang was to hop on to my ride and head to shoot.”

Emotionally Photo Manipulations by Mikael Aldo:

Mikael Aldo 1 Mikael Aldo 2 Mikael Aldo 3 Mikael Aldo 4 Mikael Aldo 5 Mikael Aldo 6 Mikael Aldo 7 Mikael Aldo 8

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