Colorful Caves Melidoni and Sfendoni in Crete, Greece

Having made ​​the decision to go to Crete, Greece , you will never regret that we preferred to other countries it is this beautiful island. The local nature and climate are just wonderful, and attractions to delight any traveler.

One of the most interesting places in Crete are the ancient caves of Melidoni and Sfendoni affecting tourists incredible raznotsvetem and complexity of its stalactites.

Melidoni Cave is located thirty kilometers from the town of Rethymno, near the village of Perama. According to legend, there once lived a bronze giant named Talos, who twice a day went around the island to prevent its capture by the enemy. But myths are myths, and there is a real historical fact connected with this place: in 1824, during the Turkish occupation, hid in this cave, hundreds of local residents who did not want to give up Hussein-Pasha. He answered locked out and made a fire in the cave, so that all were killed resisting.

A little further away from Rethymnon, at a distance of 47 km, is another unique beauty of the cave – Sfendoni. As its just not called: the “hole slingshot” and “hole Sfendoni”, one thing remains unchanged – an incredible magical charm of a true miracle of nature. A lot of stalactites and stalagmites, which, according to various estimates, between five and eight million years old, the art hanging over the heads of visitors to the cave, and clever lighting colors them in a variety of colors.

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