Photo Project by Marcus Palmqvist “the Fall”: Elegance and Drama in Every Shot

Marcus Palmqvist focuses on elegant, and at times dramatic falls of models. No one is immune from falling.
This can happen at any time. To slip, to stumble, to fall or twist an ankle.
And in such moments, catching in his glances, I want to sink into the ground in the literal and figurative sense of the word. But that’s just not the case with the models caught in the camera lens Marcus.
Here, each of them purposely demonstrates this action, desperately balancing, trying to keep his balance, or the opposite and completely stretched on the ground in the most ridiculous position.
In his series of «Impossible balance» («Balance is Impossible»), he skillfully combined the fashion elements of dance, the attempts of gravitation and all the dramatic «charm» of the fall. Nevertheless, for most it remains a mystery what really wanted to tell the author of this work.
Perhaps to hint at the fact that life is unpredictable? Or that after any fall will necessarily rise. In any case, the viewer only has to watch and wonder what was happening…

Marcus Palmqvist, Swedish Fashion and Advertising photographer.
His work is fresh and dynamic, with a passion for frozen movements, faded lights, strong colours and crisp compositions he likes to push borders and create new ways of looking at commercial photography. He wants to both inspire and be inspired. His range is wide working in fashion, lifestyle, sport and advertising.

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