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Maleficent-Themed Wedding By Rebellious Brides

Every year, the “Rebellious Brides Blog” collaborates with the freshest and the most badass wedding artists to come up with wicked wedding ideas.

“Children have always been told she’s pure evil. And she is evil, but it’s not all she is, and it’s not fair that her story was left there. For kids, it will be like unwrapping a mystery, unwrapping a present, finding out what was really going on. It’s a fun discovery” — Angelina Jolie on Maleficent

Maleficent-Themed Wedding By Rebellious Brides:

maleficent-brides 01 maleficent-brides 02 maleficent-brides 03 maleficent-brides 04 maleficent-brides 06 maleficent-brides 07 maleficent-brides 08 maleficent-brides 09 maleficent-brides 11 maleficent-brides 12

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