Rescued Magpie Makes a Home With the Bloom Family That Saved Her Life

In 2013, Bloom family from Australia found a magpie at the local library. That creeps on the ground and could not fly. Wanting to save the bird, Bloom took her home and called Penguin. Since then, the bird became a regular guest in their home. Penguin was very clever magpie. She plays with the children sitting on the shoulders and likes to lie in bed with the owners.

Before you go about his business, forty accompanies all to work and to school. In the evening, welcomed family. “It’s just like a dog: he sits himself on a tree, and when he sees us, flaps its wings and shows how she is happy,” – says the father. Photo Vide decided to introduce you to such an unusual pet.

Rescued Magpie Makes a Home With the Bloom Family That Saved Her Life:

“Little forty appeared in our life after she fell from a tree. She was only about three weeks. “

magpie-penguin 01

“We took care of her and cared for, and gradually recovered forty.”

magpie-penguin 02

“She is watching TV, playing with the children, lying in bed with us.”

magpie-penguin 03

“We never thought that someday forty become part of our family. We really love it. “

magpie-penguin 04 magpie-penguin 05

“She flies where and when he wants to. Often just hang out with us in the morning, and when the kids go to school, flying about their business. “

magpie-penguin 06

“If we start waving his arms, she would repeat and flap their wings.”

magpie-penguin 07 magpie-penguin 08

“She spends a lot of time at our house, playing with the kids.”

magpie-penguin 09

“When friends come to the children, forty plays with them. It’s really fun. “

magpie-penguin 10 magpie-penguin 11 magpie-penguin 12

“A few months ago we flew to magpies alien chick. Penguin played with it for a long time, and then they just sat together in our home. “

magpie-penguin 13 magpie-penguin 14

“It’s great to spend time with her!”

magpie-penguin 15 magpie-penguin 16 magpie-penguin 17 magpie-penguin 18 magpie-penguin 19 magpie-penguin 20 magpie-penguin 21 magpie-penguin 22 magpie-penguin 23 magpie-penguin 24 magpie-penguin 25 magpie-penguin 26 magpie-penguin 27


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  1. Beautiful. I think the bond that has formed between the magpie and this family is amazing. The pictures are stunning as well.

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