Something Magical and Mesmerizing in Cats Sight

There is something magical, mesmerizing even in cat eyes. And it does not matter – big or small. However, the magic of this only applies to the person. The animals do not have time and desire to peer into the eyes of cats. I saw a predator – run, run as you can …

We were lucky, we can afford to look into their eyes.

3. Or a cunning serval.

4. Lynx.

5. Thoughtful and a bit sad cheetah.

6. Cheetah.

7. A formidable Siberian tiger – in the shower cute cat.


9. Leo. In his eyes – courage.

10. But do not have kids.

11. But the mother lion cubs are always on the lookout!


13. Looking leopard, perhaps the most powerful … For many years I rented these animals, but can not get used. Sometimes their eyes are creeps.


15. Are there any questions?

16. But the kittens look quite different …

17. And here is our – the Far Eastern leopard handsome.

18. And in those eyes not to fall in love is impossible!

19. But my favorite sight.

I just can not find the words to describe this view. Can you help?

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