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Luxury modern yachts look attractive and futuristic

Most modern yachts look attractive and futuristic. But the classic ships, made in the style of bygone eras, still cause special attention. Indeed, because in our days on a sailboat everyone dreams to visit.

1. Amphitrite

The 47-meter yacht Amphitrite was built in 2001, but it looks like it came from the 1920s. The yacht project was designed by Turkish shipbuilders from Taka Yachts and renowned designer Redman Whitely Dixon.

The exterior and interior of Amphitrite perfectly convey the spirit of the Edwardian era. For example, in cabins there are a lot of furniture in the art deco style, and on the deck you can find folding chairs and wooden deckchairs. In the salon there are many board games, and in each cabin there is an old telephone with a dial-up set and writing accessories. Behind all this, modern technologies of the 21st century are hidden.

2. Lionheart

In 1936, financier Harold Vanderbilt ordered a sailing yacht of the J-class for participation in competitions. Several projects were developed, one of which was used to build a ship for a millionaire. The remaining options remained unrealized.

After 75 years, one of them specialists Freddie Bloemsma, Claasen Jachtbouw and Nigel Ingram realized. They built a 43-meter racing yacht Lionheart. The vessel was completed in 2011 and now it regularly participates in regattas around the world.

Lionheart is designed for both racing and cruising. The yacht has an almost flat deck with two superstructures.

Inside Lionheart are located: a living room, owner’s cabin with private cabin, three guest cabins and four cabins for the crew.

3. Rainbow

Rainbow is another yacht built for Harold Vanderbilt in 1934. She won four competitions, winning the America’s Cup. In 2012, the legendary yacht was built again using old drawings. The 40-meter replica received an aluminum casing, a modern hybrid drive system and a luxurious mahogany interior.

To give Rainbow a new life, the customer selected specialists from Dykstra Naval Architects (Holland). And they built an excellent yacht of class J. For several years the ship took part in many regattas and even won the title of “Sailing yacht of the year” in a class over 39 meters. The approximate price of the Rainbow yacht is 10 million euros.

4. Sycara IV

In 2009, the US built a 46-meter yacht Sycara IV. Burger Boat Company and Ken Freivokh Design designed “modern classics” combining the highest level of quality and technology, combined with the elegance and charm of the 1920s. And next year the yacht won the prestigious ShowBoats Design Award. The hull of the yacht is made of aluminum, and the deck is covered with a teak board.

The Sycara IV has two 600-hp Caterpillar diesel engines. With them, the yacht develops a cruising speed of 12 knots (22 km / h). The range is 2400 nautical miles.

The ship’s design is ideal for swimming in coastal waters. For passing under low bridges a folding mast is provided. The upper deck also has solar panels. There is a hot tub for 7 people, a bar, a dining room and sun loungers.

Another dining room is located on the second deck, on the stern of the yacht. It is an ideal place to enjoy an excellent view. Inside Sycara IV is decorated with wooden panels with inlay that create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the main salon, dining room and in 4 cabins. It can accommodate up to 9 passengers. Yacht performance and passenger comfort are provided by 7 crew members. The cost of the Sycara IV yacht is $ 27.5 million.

5. Taransay

The name of the yacht Taransay received from a 31-meter vessel, built in Scotland in 1930. The new yacht is 7 meters longer (length 38.55 m, width 7.6 m, draft 2.5 m) to provide more comfort to the crew and passengers. It has a steel body with a displacement of 300 tons and an aluminum superstructure.

All the equipment on the deck is made to order, in order to be like the original yacht of the 1930s. It is supplemented only with separate innovative technological solutions to meet modern security requirements. The perfect combination of classical look and functionality is the result of Rossinavi studio work (Italy).

The vessel is equipped with two 800-horsepower Caterpillar engines. Thanks to them, Taransay develops a cruising speed of 12 knots. The range is about 3,500 miles (6,500 kilometers).

In accordance with the wishes of the owner, the interior of the yacht is decorated with wooden lacquered panels.

6. Roxane

The Roxane is a stunning blend of classic lines, spacious decks and modern interiors by Remi Tessier. This vessel, like a two-screw Bermuda ketch, carries both sailing gear and two Scania engines of 610 hp each. each. The yacht develops a cruising speed of 10.5 knots (19 km / h). At the same time, the range is 2300 nautical miles (4250 km), and the engines consume 70 liters of fuel per hour.

The Roxane building is built in Turkey from Iroko wood (“African teak”) and mahogany (mahogany), the deck is made of teak, and the superstructure is also wooden.

The length of the yacht is 47 meters and it carries three masts, the height of the highest of which is 41.9 meters.

The premises of Roxane are designed for reception and comfortable arrangement of 9 passengers in 4 cabins, as well as 7 crew members. The luxury price of a modern wooden yacht is $ 8 million.

7. Athena

The combination of talent and experience of Pieter Beeldsnijder and Dykstra Naval Architects (Holland) made it possible to create the majestic 90-meter yacht Athena. Launched in 2004, it is one of the largest sailing yachts ever built. In Athena, the traditional art of yacht building is combined with modern technologies. True, for this it is necessary to pay a considerable price: $ 53 million.

It is a schooner with an aluminum hull and three masts of carbon fiber that carry 2,500 square meters. Meters of sails. Also on the yacht are two Caterpillar engines of 2000 hp. each. The maximum speed of Athena is 19 knots (35 km / h).

To operate a yacht with a displacement of 1125 tons, a team of 21 people is needed. The maximum range is 4,000 nautical miles (7,400 kilometers).

Interior design was developed by Rebecca Bradley. Athena’s 5 luxury cabins can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

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