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“Down the Tube” – London Underground Travellers 1987-1990

The London-based photographer and teacher Paul Baldesare documented in his recordings for decades urban life in the capital of the United Kingdom. With his series “Down the Tube” Baldesare sends us on a little journey in the London Subways at the end of the 80s. Consisting of numerous black / white photographs series, shows the people who resorted various reasons about a quarter of a century on the subway as means of transport and not least absolutely interesting and worth seeing from fashion point of view.

“Down the Tube” – London Underground Travellers 1987-1990:

london-underground-travellers 01 london-underground-travellers 02 london-underground-travellers 03 london-underground-travellers 04 london-underground-travellers 05 london-underground-travellers 06 london-underground-travellers 07 london-underground-travellers 08 london-underground-travellers 09 london-underground-travellers 10 london-underground-travellers 11 london-underground-travellers 12 london-underground-travellers 13 london-underground-travellers 14 london-underground-travellers 15

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