Dazzling Light Traces of the Aircraft

This series of photographs entitled Nachtfluge consists of images of light airplane traces taking off and landing in the evening sky. For its creation, photographer Kevin Cooley had to travel to different airports in the U.S., such as New York and Los Angeles. Using a large-format camera and long exposure (4-5 minutes), he was waiting for airplanes to record the course of each flight.

KevinCooley1 KevinCooley10 KevinCooley11 KevinCooley12 KevinCooley13 KevinCooley14 KevinCooley2 KevinCooley3 KevinCooley4 KevinCooley5 KevinCooley6 KevinCooley7 KevinCooley8 KevinCooley9