Older Generation Street Artists Destroy Graffiti Stereotypes

It looks like Lisbon, Portugal, is the place to grow old. In this city, the elderly are able to discover the fine art of graffiti through LATA 65 – an organization dedicated to introducing the older generation to urban art.

When most of us think of how the elderly spend their retirement, we wouldn’t picture our grandparents enjoying street art, or even spraying their tag around the city. However there is a new creative workshop that teaching the elderly all about street art in Portugal. Lata 65 is probably the world’s most interesting graffiti gang. The new urban workshops strive to break down stereotypes and ageism by teaching street art to senior citizens.

The senior citizens breaking down stereotypes.

LATA65 works in cooperation with WOOL, The Urban Art Festival of Covilhã, which is aimed at bringing street art to Portugal and getting communities interested in it.

According to the organization’s Facebook, their goal is to connect older and younger generations through art, to help the elderly engage in new forms of contemporary art and, most importantly, to let them have fun. Looks like they’re doing a good job!

More info: Facebook | Instagram | woolfest.org

Older Generation Street Artists Destroy Graffiti Stereotypes:

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