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3D Street Art by Kurt Wenner

Kurt Wenner born in Ann Arbor, Michigan is an artist best known for his realistic street art painting and chalk murals using a projection called anamorphosis. Kurt Wenner produced his first commissioned mural at the age of sixteen, and by seventeen was earning his living as a graphic artist. He attended both Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design. He was employed by NASA as an illustrator to create conceptual paintings of future space projects and extraterrestrial landscapes.

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3D Street Art by Kurt Wenner:

3D Street Art 01 3D Street Art 02 3D Street Art 03 3D Street Art 04 3D Street Art 05 3D Street Art 06 3D Street Art 07 3D Street Art 08 3D Street Art 09 3D Street Art 10 3D Street Art 11

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