Floating in the Kayak Near Lava

Imagine that you are floating in the kayak on the water at 50 degrees, and somewhere close by with a loud hiss in the water flowing molten lava of an active volcano.

kayak-01-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-02-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-03-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-04-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-05-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-06-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-07-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-08-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-09-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava kayak-10-floating-in-the-kayak-near-lava

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