Unworldly Feather Sculptures by Kate MccGwire

In an interview with cvltnation, Kate MccGwire was asked about the origin of the feathers that she uses in her work. Here’s what she said: “The feathers come from all over the UK and from many different sources. My main supply comes from pigeon racing clubs and racing enthusiasts who have been invaluable in their support and interest in my work. As the feathers are only naturally shed around April and October the amount needed for large-scale piece of work may need to be collected over a period of years. By letting the materials guide the work I have learnt the importance of both collection and creation, and enjoy how intertwined the processes can be.”
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Unworldly Feather Sculptures by Kate MccGwire:

kate-mccgwire-feather 01 kate-mccgwire-feather 02 kate-mccgwire-feather 03 kate-mccgwire-feather 04 kate-mccgwire-feather 05 kate-mccgwire-feather 06 kate-mccgwire-feather 07 kate-mccgwire-feather 08 kate-mccgwire-feather 09 kate-mccgwire-feather 10 kate-mccgwire-feather 11 kate-mccgwire-feather 12 kate-mccgwire-feather 13 kate-mccgwire-feather 14

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