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Black and White Serenity Symmetry by Kai Ziehl

Hamburg-based photographer Kai Ziehl only shoots black and white images. Not just any old monotone colour scheme photographs, each one is breathtaking – some how he manages to capture the calmness and tranquillity in the scenes. All the symmetrical shapes and sharply defined features within the photographs is what strikes me the most, the clarity is immense and it works brilliantly. You can spot each and every detail, the symmetry and use of perspective is what makes his photographs so special. Peep the rest on the reverse.

kai-ziehl 00 kai-ziehl 01 kai-ziehl 02 kai-ziehl 03 kai-ziehl 04 kai-ziehl 05 kai-ziehl 06 kai-ziehl 07 kai-ziehl 08 kai-ziehl 09 kai-ziehl 10 kai-ziehl 12 kai-ziehl 13 kai-ziehl 14 kai-ziehl 15 kai-ziehl 16 kai-ziehl 17 kai-ziehl 18 kai-ziehl 19


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