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Surreal Collages of Joseba Elorza

Surreal Collages of Joseba Elorza.
Joseba Elorza is a Spain based sound technician who currently works as an illustrator and artist. In his works he uses copy and paste as a technique to de/contextualize the general knowledge, re/configure our senses and re/mix the known past with the unknown future. Hi blends humor, technology, science fiction and anonymous historical photography to create some really splendid digital imagery.

“Hello, my name is Joseba Elorza, born in Vitoria, Spain. I’m a sound technician that makes a living with illustrations, pure synesthesia.

And what the f*** is MiraRuido?

Well, it’s just the union of two spanish words:

Mira = Look. Ruido = Noise”

Joseba Elorza01 Joseba Elorza02 Joseba Elorza03 Joseba Elorza04 Joseba Elorza05 Joseba Elorza06 Joseba Elorza07 Joseba Elorza08 Joseba Elorza09 Joseba Elorza10 Joseba Elorza11 Joseba Elorza12 Joseba Elorza13 Joseba Elorza14

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