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Two Guys with Jetpacks as Iron Mans Flew Over Dubai

Jetman Yves Rossy and his protege Jetman Vince Reffet from Jetman Dubai soar over the city of Dubai with jetpacks in incredible footage from the short film “Young Feathers.” The film focuses on Rossy and Reffet as well as the jetpacks they have developed which fly with an average speed of 200km/h and can maintain flight for up to 13 minutes.

Rossy, a fearless professional pilot from Switzerland, is a leading innovator in the field of propelled human flight, having created his own custom jetpack after years of experimentation and customization. This flight represents the experience that he and his protege, Reffet, have gathered during years of practice.

“I truly believe that flying is a part of my DNA. Even as a pilot, flying military and civilian aircrafts, I always had a dream of flying free in the open skies, because that is where you can truly be free… I want to make possible what humans have only been dreaming of and I believe that Dubai provides the right environment and infrastructure for me to achieve this.” – Yves Rossy

“Free flying is a great feeling, but being able to control your flight is even better. To be able to learn from the first man in the world to fly with a jet powered wing is an honour. I’m privileged to learn from Yves and together we dream to go higher and fly together.” – Vince Reffet

Two Guys with Jetpacks as Iron Mans Flew Over Dubai:

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