Intimacy by Peter Puklus

Peter Puklus (born 1980 Kolozsvár, Romania) is a fine art / editorial photographer living and working in Budapest, Hungary. He is about to finish his DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts) studies in photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. Last year he published two photo-books: ‘One and a half meter’ at Kehrer Verlag, Germany and ‘Handbook to the Stars’ at Stokovec, Slovakia. This year he participates different group and solo shows through Europe including FOAM, Amsterdam; Krokus Gallery, Bratislava; Festival International de Mode & de Photo, Hyères; Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam.

Peter-Puklus01Intimacy by Peter Puklus Peter-Puklus02Intimacy by Peter Puklus Peter-Puklus03Intimacy by Peter Puklus Peter-Puklus04Intimacy by Peter Puklus Peter-Puklus05Intimacy by Peter Puklus Peter-Puklus06Intimacy by Peter Puklus Peter-Puklus07Intimacy by Peter Puklus Peter-Puklus08Intimacy by Peter Puklus  Peter-Puklus10Intimacy by Peter Puklus

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