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Five of the Most Famous Internet Cats

This week it became known that the popularity of the famous angry cat goes beyond the Internet – of him decided to shoot a full-length movie! In honor of this news we have collected five of the most famous in the world of fluffy inhabitants of the Internet.

The Grumpy Cat – Angry cat
Name: Tardar Sauce (“tartar sauce”, but with a misspelling)
Habitat on the Internet: Facebook, 958,000 subscribers
Where to live: Arizona, United States
Interesting fact: very few people know, but “the most angry cat internet” is actually a cat.
Sam the Eyebrow Cat – Cat with eyebrows
Name: Sam
Habitat: Instagram, 55,000 subscribers
Where does the United Kingdom
Interesting fact: many people think that Sam looks like Adrien Brody.
Name: Maru
Habitat: YouTube, 341,000 subscribers, nearly 215 million video views
Where to live: Japan
Interesting fact: unlike their furry cousins, Mara became famous not appearance, and his irrepressible passion for boxes
Colonel Meow – The most evil cat
Name: Colonel Meow
Habitat on the Internet: Facebook, 167,000 subscribers
Where to live: California, USA
Interesting fact: Colonel, abandoned on the roadside was found by the Company Himalayan and Persian cats of Los Angeles, and later found refuge with the current mistress – Anne Marie Evie
Lil Bub – Eternal kitten
Name: Lil Bab
Habitat on the Internet: Facebook, 147,000 subscribers
Where does Indiana, United States
Interesting fact: Lil Bab was born with multiple genetic abnormalities. She will always be the size of a kitten, her legs are too short and they have extra toes, but no teeth – which is why it has so often his tongue hanging out. As if all of the above scary sounds, it does not prevent her to be healthy and have thousands of fans all over the world.
At the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in April of this year, Lil Bab eclipsed the popularity of the Robert De Niro!

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