Ink, Oil and Soap


The designer from Ekaterinburg showed what happens if you combine the incompatible.

Ruslan Khasanov put a wonderful experiment, mixing the ink, oil and soap, which interact with each other, creating intricate patterns of various colors.

The idea of ​​holding such an experience came to Ruslan when he mixed the oil and soy sauce, obviously for some dishes. At some point, he noticed that on the bottom of the container with the mixture began to form small black balls. Ekperimentator then decided to see how to behave in a mixture of ink and soap, and then added to them yet and butter.

The result exceeded all expectations, spilled an amazing combination of blue, white, yellow and purple flowers. With macro Ruslan managed to pass a whole kaleidoscope of colors and shapes formed by the liquid. chose the brightest an experimental video footage, from which it is difficult to break away:

Ink, Oil and Soap Ink, Oil and Soap Ink, Oil and Soap Ink, Oil and Soap Ink, Oil and Soap Ink, Oil and Soap


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