Air Art: Exhibition of Inflatable Sculptures in Hong Kong

An unusual exhibition of inflatable art goes these days in Hong Kong. Most public attention attracted by a giant inflatable replica of Stonehenge work by british artist Jeremy Deller, on which visitors can even bounce. Inflatable version of prehistoric monoliths adds six more pieces, including a giant pig, black beetle, a pair of legs sticking out of the ground, and the unimaginably large pile of excrement.

1-air-art-exhibition-of-inflatable-sculptures-in-hong-kong 2-air-art-exhibition-of-inflatable-sculptures-in-hong-kong 3-air-art-exhibition-of-inflatable-sculptures-in-hong-kong 4-air-art-exhibition-of-inflatable-sculptures-in-hong-kong 5-air-art-exhibition-of-inflatable-sculptures-in-hong-kong 6-air-art-exhibition-of-inflatable-sculptures-in-hong-kong 7-air-art-exhibition-of-inflatable-sculptures-in-hong-kong

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