Incredible Collection of Vinyl Records and Their Owners

Photographer Eilon Paz left Israel in 2008 to try his luck in New York. At the time, it was the beginning of the crisis and to find a job has become very difficult. All he managed to get – the place the seller in shop of vinyl records. It was there that he got the idea to do a project about record collectors.

Paz met collectors of all types. Most of all he loved those who kept a special collection, for example, only copies of the “White Album» The Beatles or just a plate “Sesame Street.” Although all collectors were different between them they had something in common. “Collecting vinyl records is much more complicated than MP3. It’s expensive. They weigh a lot. You have to constantly monitor the collection. Even to listen to the record, you can not just turn it on and forget about it. It requires attention. I think that those who collect vinyl, respect the music a lot more. ”

Joe Bussard sitting in his basement in Frederick, Maryland, with some of the rarest 78s in existence. The brown paper record jackets behind him are all uniformly discolored in the middle as a result of Joe’s hands sorting and searching through them for the past 60 years.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersIn January 2011, Paz traveled to Ghana with Frank Gossner. They met Philip Osei Kojo, an 80-year-old man from Mampong, who invited them to come to his house and take a look at his records, which he had not listened to in 30 years because he could not fix his record player. The first time they played the record was an unexpected emotional surprise.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersAlessandro Benedetti of Monsummano Terme, Italy, holds the Guinness World Record for largest collection of colored vinyl records. Pictured here at home with his father Marinello, Alessandro is holding a mirrored vinyl copy of Ozzy Osbourne’s album,Bark at the Moon.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersAndy Carthy, also known as Mr. Scruff, of Manchester, U.K.

Miriam Lina and Billy Miller at Norton Records in Brooklyn, New York.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersOliver Wang, a vinyl record collector, writer, and music journalist from Los Angeles, photographed with his vinyl collection at his home.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersIn the midst of packing for a permanent move from London to the Philippines, Keb Darge stops to feel the power of “Hi’ Fi’ Baby” by Teddy McRae.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersJoey Altruda, a vinyl collector from Los Angeles.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersEothen Alapatt, better known as Egon, a vinyl record collector from Los Angeles.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersSheila Burgel, a vinyl record collector from Brooklyn, New York, specializes in girl pop groups.

incredible-collection-of-vinyl-records-and-their-ownersDJ Shame at his home in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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