Incomparable Beauty Ice Formations and Caves in Slovenia

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Deeper and deeper, from underground rock cathedrals to giant ice tanks – stunning images of cave odyssey of one man.

While many of us think twice before you embark on a journey through the dark and sinister covert on the earth’s crust, for a fearless person is an ideal habitat – and the ruling passion of his life. These stunning pictures of ice formations, mysterious lakes and beautiful underground palaces were made by Peter Gedei.


1. Cave near the town of Postojna in Slovenia.

43-year-old Slovenian photographer took up caving 25 years ago. All expeditions with him visited his faithful camera. Here is what the author of pictures: “Most of the photos were taken in Slovenian caves, but there are pictures of the French caves, where I participated in the first international rally speleofotografov.


2. Kostanjevica Cave (Kostanjeviska jama).

In Slovenia, a small area recorded more than 10,000 caves of varying levels of complexity and depth and length. For me as a photographer is more than enough. By shooting the caves I am, first and foremost, as a photojournalist, and – as an athlete and scholar. All my photos were taken during short outings on weekends and during speleoekspeditsy. ”


3. The cave Czechs II (Cehi II), Slovenia.


4. Cave Bestazovka (Bestazovca), where in 2009 were discovered cave paintings.

Among the caves he had visited photographer – Katsna Yam, one of the most famous Slovenian caves. Its feature is broken at the entrance to a depth of 190 m, which is then converted into the hall. In the XIX century, miners equipped cave entrance staircase that reaches to the bottom.


5. Cave Katsna Yam (Kacna jama), Slovenia.


6. Cave Zhirovkova Yam (Jirovcova jama), Slovenia.

Peter explains: “Safety when visiting the caves requires good physical preparation and the skill of working with ropes and rope. Naturally, the more experienced you are, the better. Over 25 years of occupation caving experience I have accumulated enough. In the caves reigns eternal darkness and cold, humidity is almost 100 percent, many rooms and corridors are difficult. Is there a gap and labyrinths, narrow manholes – “crawls” and huge halls.


7. Cave Bestazovka (Bestazovca), which were discovered in 2009, the rock carvings.


8. Grotta Noah (Grotta Noe), or if you translate from Italian “Cave of Noah.” The cave is located near Trieste.


9. Cave near the resort Visevnik in Slovenia.

In some caves, there are many natural jewelry, others like the tunnels – and all of them are deep and huge in razmeram.U each cave has its own feature, and they are all very different from each other. Each cave surveying solutions to problems have a different problem to solve coverage of all of these spaces. ”


10. Cave near the resort Visevnik in Slovenia.

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