Icebergs of Greenland by Photographer Jan Erik Waider

Nuremberg-based graphic designer and photographer Jan Erik Waider has traveled on numerous expeditions north to Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, and the Faroe Islands off Denmark where he shot these beautifully surreal landscapes of icebergs, glaciers and cliffs. I first stumbled onto his Icebergs in Fog series shot earlier this year in Ilulissat and Disko Bay in Greeland and then found his website where you can see all of these photographs in much higher resolution, really, go look, just incredible work.

Icebergs 01 Icebergs 02 Icebergs 03 Icebergs 04 Icebergs 05 Icebergs 06 Icebergs 07 Icebergs 08 Icebergs 09 Icebergs 10

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