Artist, Animator and Director Hugo Cuellar

“I’m a Bolivian production artist, animator and director living and working in London.”
‘I take the same approach when it comes to Illustration. I was traditionally trained in drawing and fine art, but working in the industry has taught me to be open to different approaches to drawing, colour and movement. I don’t think I have a defined personal “style”and more importantly, I don’t think I want to. Much of the time, the style of a piece is dictated by the subject of the picture as well as my gut feeling. Whatever the final result, I always enjoy the process.’

Artist, Animator and Director Hugo Cuellar:

Hugo Cuellar 1

Hugo Cuellar 2

Hugo Cuellar 3

Hugo Cuellar 4

Hugo Cuellar 5

Hugo Cuellar 6

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