Amazing Spa Beach: Hot Water Beach in New Zealand

New Zealand – a country of gorgeous beaches, amazingly clean forests and unique glaciers. There are many natural wonders, but the real discovery for tourists is the unique Hot Water Beach – the beach with hot water, which is located in the east of the peninsula Coromandel. This phenomenon is explained by the presence of the underground geothermal source, from which rises the water at low tide.

hot-water-beach1-amazing-spa-beach-hot-water-beach-in-new-zealand hot-water-beach2-amazing-spa-beach-hot-water-beach-in-new-zealand hot-water-beach3-amazing-spa-beach-hot-water-beach-in-new-zealand hot-water-beach4-amazing-spa-beach-hot-water-beach-in-new-zealand hot-water-beach5-amazing-spa-beach-hot-water-beach-in-new-zealand

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