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Honey Long & Prue Stent ‘Moulding’ Photography Series

Creative duo Honey Long and Prue Stent are multidisciplinary artists who’s work is a co-mingling between photography, performance, installation and sculpture.
Operating in a way that is spontaneous and playful the result is often unexpected and accidental.
With many shared interests and fascinations their work is born from a perverse curiosity to interact with the allure of materials and objects through their body.
As a result cultural objects and archetypes are reconfigured within fluid and dreamy contexts, triggering subconscious associations whilst questioning their cultural classification.
Obscured identities and moulded forms challenge traditional notions of what it means to be human.
Their work together breaks down the constructs of a conscious mind and presents an alternative, challenging the viewers preconception of reality.


In ‘Moulding’ rather than seeking answers we are exploring the poetics present in the conflicted nature of representation. Throughout the series the fluidity of material interacts with the body and landscape to create whimsical and surreal forms. Generated spontaneously the wrapped bodies play with the idea of classical human forms and statues, making them dynamic, transient and ambiguous. Embedded within the work are inherent binaries. The use of shrouds generates a sense of playfulness and freedom that comes with anonymity and acts as an expansive and weightless extension of the body. However embedded within their otherworldly beauty is also a sense of suffocation, restriction and alienation. Existing without identity the figures remain within a dream like fantasy. These dualities present within the work are not necessarily a crisis; rather they encourage the dissolution of fixed modes of representation.

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