History of painful love poems


A young poet from Minnesota wrote a fantastic emotional poem.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder – a disease in which everything in this world must be subject to certain rules. And these rules are intrusive state and cause a lot of inconvenience to those who suffer OCD, or someone who lives with him. Many of us are subject to slight manifestations of this disorder – T-shirts, folded in the same order, socks overnight placed at an angle to the sofa and so on.

Neil Hilborn of our less fortunate. He has the greatest set of problems, he always has to take courses of treatment, but never let go of OCD for good.

Two years ago, he wrote a poignant poem about his love. Not so long ago it was performed at the poetry contest, the video was posted to the network, and Neil Hilborn, one might say, became famous. It is impossible to remain indifferent to how emotionally and he nervously tells the story of his love, which ended so bitterly. And boldly confesses his mental instability.


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