High Speed Photography by Lex Augusteijn

High Speed Photography by Lex Augusteijn. Lex Augusteijn is an amateur Dutch photographer specialising in high-speed photography. He says: “The images are frozen by the flash speed. I can go as low as 1/40.000 by reducing flash power. The bullet is real, though fired by a coil gun, which has much less energy than an air rifle, which again has lower energy than fire arms”.

Lex Augusteijn01 Lex Augusteijn02 Lex Augusteijn03 Lex Augusteijn04 Lex Augusteijn05 Lex Augusteijn06 Lex Augusteijn07 Lex Augusteijn08 Lex Augusteijn09 Lex Augusteijn10 Lex Augusteijn11 Lex Augusteijn12 Lex Augusteijn13 Lex Augusteijn14

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