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It will be Exciting: the World’s Highest Ferris Wheel High Roller

For those who like to admire the world from a bird’s flight, we will tell you about the highest Ferris wheel.

The highest so far is a Ferris wheel High Roller attraction. His exact height of 167.6 meters and a diameter – 158.5 meters.

It is located in a giant Las Vegas in Nevada (USA), just opposite the Casino “Caesar”. It has done the wheel a little more than half a billion dollars. 28 glass cabins rotate attraction, it makes an overview of the maximum. The whole trip, which lasts about an hour, accompanied by music.

Booths can accommodate up to 40 people. Accordingly, the ride is designed for more than a thousand visitors.
By the way, one of the Ferris wheel, Ferris constructed, preserved until today.
It Takes visitors in Vienna since 1897 and is a local landmark.

In second place on the height of the Ferris wheel is in Singapore, its height is 165 meters.
The cost of travel during the day will be $ 25, in the evening – 35. Powered ride seven days a week, but the wheel may well be rented for private events. In such cases the entrance is closed to tourists.

The first prototype of the modern design of the Ferris wheel was invented by the Turks in the XVII century. Steep its people.

The very first Ferris wheel appeared in 1893, designed by J. him. Ferris. By the way, still in English, this is called a carousel Ferris wheel. The attraction was a response to the French Eiffel Tower. It contained a 2160, its 36 cabins the size of a bus. There were both seats and standing.
Construction weighed about 2 tons, and its diameter was 75 meters. It was above all constructed at the time of skyscrapers.

It is believed that with the Ferris wheel came the second title of the attraction – “Ferris wheel”. And the thing is the workers who abused this whopper. They do not fit into the time frame, and their management is constantly customized. That it was “damn.”

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