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Why Hedgehogs are Better Than Cats?

In the role of pets is usually only see cats and dogs. Well, basically. Well, the dog – it’s a different story. But the cat … well, not all of them can be called such dignity, let alone how many flaws! But in this post you will see that there is one animal that could easily make the cats (and sometimes dogs!) To doubt its importance. So why hedgehogs are much better than cats?

1. Hedgehogs are happy to give yourself clean with a toothbrush. They even like it.

2. And cats do not like water.

3. Did you know that hedgehogs can be converted into a boat?

4. And no cats!

5. Who can it be nicer paws?

6. This here is our hedgehog character and not hold a candle!

7. Hedgehogs – masters of camping. Just Milota in a tent.

8. A cat always dissatisfied with something.

9. Hedgehog is always ready to greet you with a smile.

10. And these …

11. Hedgehogs appreciate little things, carefully you connected.

12. A cat is easy to destroy everything you hold dear.

13. Ezhinye kids easily fit in your palm.

14. And even some adult hedgehogs easily fit in the palm of your hand. And look at those ears!

15. Cats also hate it when you squeeze them. Her eyes and says, “Let me go, goat.”

16. While hedgehogs are trying to make you a coffee …

17. .. cats only care about themselves.

18. Generally, hedgehogs simply the embodiment of humanity.

19. And cats see in you only source of food.

20. Hedgehogs are not afraid to look stupid …

21. Cats are ready to kill.

22. This was even a book written about. Here is one of them – “How do I know not whether your cat is plotting to kill you?”

23. Hedgehogs are willing to act silly, just to get you smiling.

24. Cats are ready to laugh at your calamity. “Your hamster? Yes, I ate it! ”

25. Hedgehogs are ready to give love to anybody.

26. And some cats are just filled with gloom.

27. And if hedgehogs – masters of disguise …

28. Cats … just bad imitators.

29. And hedgehogs love to dress up.

30. Cats, too, but the hedgehog is much better at it!

31. But hedgehogs are willing to give everything a second chance. Even cats.


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