Hair Sculptures by Joanne Petit-Frere

The eyes and smile are the hallmark of any woman. They are – an inexhaustible source of inspiration for poets, composers and artists, so no wonder that women are always trying to emphasize the dignity of his person. Wanting to achieve perfection, they resort to the help of makeup, all kinds of accessories, as well as carry out daring experiments with hair.

His calling in the field of contemporary art has found Joanne Petit-Frere, which is the artist of hairstyles. Occupation of this vibrant and stylish ladies like the work of an architect. Joanna creates not just a hairstyle, something extraordinary and outstanding.

hair-sculptures1-hair-sculptures-by-joanne-petitfrere hair-sculptures2-hair-sculptures-by-joanne-petitfrere hair-sculptures3-hair-sculptures-by-joanne-petitfrere hair-sculptures4-hair-sculptures-by-joanne-petitfrere hair-sculptures5-hair-sculptures-by-joanne-petitfrere hair-sculptures6-hair-sculptures-by-joanne-petitfrere hair-sculptures7-hair-sculptures-by-joanne-petitfrere hair-sculptures8-hair-sculptures-by-joanne-petitfrere

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