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Glowing mushrooms: Vadim Trunov’s series

Russian photographer Vadim Trunov created a fantastic series of photos of glowing mushrooms. While mystical shots fly at the speed of light on the Internet, Vadim told our magazine how he does it.

– The fungus consists of protein structures, and on the cap they are less dense, so bright sunlight can shine through it, and if you look from the other side, it seems that it glows. Such a glow effect can be created and enhanced with the help of a fairly powerful LED flashlight. It works best on small young mushrooms, growing or just grown. Troglodyts, russules, morels are very well visible. But there are mushrooms , in which the protein is more densethey are translucent poorly. In this case, I pierce or cut the mushroom’s head and foot.

It is best for lighting lamps suitable for a maximum capacity of 700 lumens and above. The spectrum should be yellowish (4500-3000 K), like sunlight, otherwise the illuminated object will be knocked out of the background and look unnatural. Mini-rack with fastenings for the flashlight I made myself.

Also, the light from the flashlight needs to be further focused so that it can illuminate the object locally or completely to illuminate a very small object without affecting the surrounding space. I also made the light-focusing attachment myself. And, if you use several flashlights with attachments, you get a studio light in miniature. That is, you can locally illuminate objects in macrophotography. Flashes of such lighting can not be achieved.

For lighting, I use three flashlights of the G15 “Bright Beam” model.

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