Gigantic Contemporary Glass Art by Jason B. Gamrath

Jason B. Gamrath – glassblower from Seattle, the United States, which creates giant orchids and carnivorous plants of glass. The master’s works are striking in their realism and scale. Jason B. Gamrath not only skillfully conveys the beauty of flowers, but also increases them in size. It is worth noting that among the living plants sculpture Jason look very natural. The only thing that transcends the author – to convey the flavor.

“The most beautiful, extravagant man-made object could never creatively equal the simplest and smallest naturally occurring life form. The purpose of creating this series on a macro scale is to bring to light the beauty that exists within the micro scale of nature. Through the rigors of day-to-day life in an urban setting, I find it all too easy to overlook the natural beauty that has ultimately birthed us as a species. Small plants, although minuscule in comparison to our human-sized way of existing, are overwhelmingly perplexing when held inches away from one’s face. The vast majority of people will seldom grasp this seemingly secret perception of existence. When I scale life forms up to be larger than a person, they can be observed with this perspective from across a room due to the overwhelming physical presence they command. It is my hope that when people admire my large-scale renderings, they become curious and captivated by the hints of realism I incorporate into my designs. I encourage people to attempt to observe with the same eyes through which I humbly and graciously experience our natural world.” – Jason B. Gamrath

Gigantic Contemporary Glass Art by Jason B. Gamrath:

glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 01 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 02 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 03 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 04 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 05 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 06 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 07 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 08 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 09 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 10 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 11 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 12 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 13 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 14 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 15 glass-art-jason-b-gamrath 16

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