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Geometric Line Tattoos Flow Across the Human Body by Chaim Machlev

Chaim Machlev, a tattoo artist based in Berlin, creates linear and minimalistic tattoos with beautiful alluring, flowing forms. All those lines look so simple and elegant, yet create such strong impressions!

He previously worked as an IT manager, beginning his tattoo work in 2012, so we’re wondering if his designs might have been influenced by coiled cabled or bouncing screensavers.

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geometric-line-tattoos 01 geometric-line-tattoos 02 geometric-line-tattoos 03 geometric-line-tattoos 04 geometric-line-tattoos 05 geometric-line-tattoos 06 geometric-line-tattoos 07 geometric-line-tattoos 09 geometric-line-tattoos 11 geometric-line-tattoos 13 geometric-line-tattoos 16 geometric-line-tattoos 17 geometric-line-tattoos 18 geometric-line-tattoos 19

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