World's Most Expensive Fruit Parlor

Japanese people – more people than extravagant, they always come up with something, go ahead of the rest. This time, they stood out with the most expensive in the world of fruit interior. Never heard of the fruit inside? So are we. “Sembikiya” – is, in fact, a fruit shop, but the goods are so expensive, and the interior of the store resembles a jewelry store, so the “Fruit Parlor” – quite an apt name.

FruitParlor01 FruitParlor02 FruitParlor03 FruitParlor04

FruitParlor05 FruitParlor06 FruitParlor07 FruitParlor08 FruitParlor10 FruitParlor11 FruitParlor12 FruitParlor13

Night photography by Mihai Andritoiu

Creative photography by Gabriela Tulian