Flower Masterpieces by Pieter Wagemans

Flower Masterpieces by Pieter Wagemans. As a variation on still life, in recent years Pieter has developed his specialised talents in flower compositions. In comparison with still life paintings there are significant differences to observe in expression, technique and composition as well as in the colour palette – colours are purer, with richer contrasts. The flowers add volume to the paintings and bring a baroque impression. These paintings are all created in his studio; with landscapes flowing spontaneously from his imagination. For the harmonic depth Pieter often prefers the warm glow of a low sun.

Gradually it became clear to Pieter that he had an increasing preference for fine art painting. “It is more a character trait than a conscious style,” according to Pieter.
By studying famous still life paintings and the work of flower painters such as David de Heem, Willem Heda and Rachael Ruys, Pieter strengthened his insight into colour harmony and deepened his understanding. Thematically he prefers still life paintings with antique objets d’art. Looking for the symbolic value of a composition he builds a moving story. The ‘vanitas’ motif is a major source of inspiration. Reflecting on the transitory nature of life, beauty often is incorporated in the form of a flower.

Pieter Wagemans – Painting Flowers Like An Old Master:

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