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The Floating Seahorse Boat in Dubai

In March, The Heart of Europe officially launched The Floating Seahorse at The Dubai International Boat Show. The Floating Seahorse is a mind-blowing contemporary marine style product which has been cleverly pioneered, designed and developed in Dubai. The Floating Seahorse is essentially a boat, not a villa, due to the fact that it will not be located on land.

The Floating Seahorse has been designed and developed by leading European architects for the iconic island project, The Heart of Europe. There will be 42 Floating Seahorses located just offshore from St Petersburg and Main Europe Island which will be just a short boat ride from the coast of Dubai.

Photo Vide in admiration of this ideas!

The Floating Seahorse Boat in Dubai:

floating-seahorse 1 floating-seahorse 2 floating-seahorse 3 floating-seahorse 4 floating-seahorse 5 floating-seahorse 6 floating-seahorse 7

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