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Female Portraits by Greta Tu

Beautiful portraits by Greta Tu, talented photographer who only 20 years old student currently living in Aalborg, Denmark.

Female Portraits by Greta Tu:

female-portraits-greta-tu 00 female-portraits-greta-tu 01 female-portraits-greta-tu 02 female-portraits-greta-tu 03 female-portraits-greta-tu 05 female-portraits-greta-tu 06 female-portraits-greta-tu 07 female-portraits-greta-tu 08 female-portraits-greta-tu 09 female-portraits-greta-tu 10 female-portraits-greta-tu 11 female-portraits-greta-tu 12 female-portraits-greta-tu 13 female-portraits-greta-tu 14 female-portraits-greta-tu 15 female-portraits-greta-tu 16 female-portraits-greta-tu 17 female-portraits-greta-tu 18 female-portraits-greta-tu 19 female-portraits-greta-tu 20

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