Father from Ireland photoshoping his daughter in dangerous situations

Irish designer Stephen Crowley with the help of a photoshop puts his daughter in various dangerous situations: looking at the photo it seems that she is about to fall into the water or fall off the ladder. In the first year of her life, the girl spent a lot of time in the hospital with a serious illness, and now her father wants to draw attention to the problem of a lack of bone marrow donors.

Now Hanne is 1.5 years old, and she spent six months in the hospital due to a rare immunity disorder. There she survived chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation from an anonymous donor.

After going through all the difficulties, Hannah lives and grows like a normal child. Crowley says that she has a lot of fun and laughs with him.

But he is a little offended that many normal things for small children they had to miss because of the hospitals. Now Stephen is catching up, having photographed his daughter all the time.

“Since we missed a lot of standard things for the first year of life, we’ve been doing a lot of pictures since we managed to get out of isolation.”

He does not have enough ordinary photos. Crowley, with the help of graphic editors, puts his daughter in various dangerous situations to get family members a little worried.

Now Western media have paid attention to his photos, and Stephen began using them to draw attention to the Be The Match organization, which connects bone marrow donors with those who need it for survival. He remembers that of the 27 million donors in the database, only three approached Hannah.

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