10 Most Expensive Burgers in the World

It would seem – what could be simpler and more banal hamburger? The usual fast food for a couple of bucks … But if you put a bun in the marble beef, caviar or truffles and serve it all with expensive champagne, the bill for a “fast food” is already under way for hundreds of dollars, and sometimes even by the thousands.

In this collection you will find ten such “hamburgers for the rich” – the cheapest cost a hundred dollars, and the most expensive …

1. McGuire’s Grand Burger
Price $ 100. Served at McGuire’s Irish Pub in Pensacola, Florida, USA.
Surprisingly, it is not a regular burger is served with Irish beer and champagne Moet & Chandon, probably because the price was.
2. Hamburger “Million Rupees”
Price $ 108. Served in the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. The structure of this mushroom burger includes rare and special Korean salad.
3. The DB Royale Double Truffle Burger
Price $ 140. Bistro provides a “Moderne” in New York and its branch in Las Vegas.
As part marinated in red wine elite beef, foie gras and black truffle.
4. Richard Nouveau Burger
Price $ 175. Served since 2008 in New York City at a school with a screaming the name “burger shop on Wall Street.”
Burger was sprinkled with gold leaf in the filling contained 25 grams of black truffles, gourmet Gruyere and other delicacies. But the “burger shop” had to declare bankruptcy. Apparently, fans sprinkled with gold meal in New York was little.
5. The Burger
Price $ 200. Burger King in London.
chain Burger King launched perhaps the most expensive in the history of fast food hamburger. But not to get rich – it was a charity event. Posh burger “limited edition” with the elite beef, white truffles, ham Pata Negra, Himalayan pink salt, organic white wine and incredible mayonnaise sold only one institution network in London and on Wednesdays.
6. Serendipity Burger
Price $ 295. This appeared in the hamburger restaurant menu “Serendipity 3” in New York.
it is composed of Japanese marbled beef, butter with a mixture of 10 herbs, smoked pacific salt, cheddar cheese, black truffles, egg, white truffles, special sauce, caviar, and specific, golden color, which is grown only on one farm in the world, in China. Included was a gold toothpick with a small brilliantikom. In this experiment, no institution has stopped and is now in its menu is registered in the Guinness Book of world’s most expensive dessert for $ 1,000
7. Douche Burger
Price $ 666. You can buy it in the van on wheels “666 Burger” in New York.
Kobe beef, Gruyere cheese, lobster, truffles, caviar and barbecue sauce, made with the use of Kopi luwak coffee beans. To be more convincing wrapped in gold.
8. Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster Burger
Price $ 777. You can try the hotel restaurant in Paris Las Vegas.
Again Kobe beef from Japan, marble. Fresh lobster. And caramelized onions, brie cheese, prosciutto, 100-year-old balsamic vinegar, served with a bottle of pink champagne Dom Perignon.
9. Absolutely Ridiculous Burger
Price $ 1,999. Served in a sports bar Mallie’s in Michigan.
This is just the most enormous burger in the world, without any frills. It weighs just over 153 pounds. Enough for a huge company. If you want to order it to go, have to throw another $ 200. The only food with a fair price in this collection.
10. FleurBurger 5000
Price $ 5000. And cnova Las Vegas Restaurant Fleur at the Four Seasons.
Truffle sauce and truffles on a truffle brioche bun, plus a bottle of Chateau Petrus 1995 harvest.


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