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Surprising Examples of Animal Behavior

Prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition contest held in London Natural History Museum. Over the past 50 years there have been hundreds of thousands of images submitted in wildlife. Some of them have been specially selected for a new book on animal behavior. Let’s see something.

From Amazon river dolphins playing water polo to a plucky penguin, the images capture surprising acts of animal behaviour. Each photograph is accompanied by a short story describing the circumstances behind it.

1. Woodpecker at work, Finland. Hollowed tree large hollow, drifting down about 60 cm Beak woodpecker -. Perfect tool, it has the high strength inner layer of the bone and a flexible outer layer, which helps to reduce vibrations. If the female is like that house, it will delay here between two and eight eggs, which are a pair of woodpeckers will incubate in turn. (Photo Benjam Pöntinen | Unforgettable Behaviour):

2. Patagonian hares rodent. In such a hole it lives up to 20 pairs. While the children are enjoying themselves with adults, almost like in a kindergarten, one of the adults definitely stands guard, watching for approaching predators. This may be a fox or eagle. If danger is detected, a signal, and all immediately go underground. This behavior and the division of responsibilities is unique among mammals, and gives a better chance of survival. (Photo by Darío Podestá | Unforgettable Behaviour):

3. Musk oxen on Victoria Island, Canada. These arctic animals are kicking against predators (wolves), becoming in line with the kids behind. Wolves are trying to draw the bulls on the run to catch up and grab the weakest in the late stages, but with the defense they can not cope. (Photo by Eric Pierre | Unforgettable Behaviour):

4. Kronotsky, Russia. This cat photographer named Ryska. She always aggressive drives away from the fox master cabin, which tries to climb in search of food. The larger an animal is not associated with a small but dangerous representative of the cat family. (Photo by Igor Shpilenok | Unforgettable Behaviour):

5. Some “are measured eggs” and the Amazon river dolphins nuts. However, not only nuts, you can use any heavy object. And do not even really an object such as a turtle, if you turn up. Males throw “object” up, but this time the rest of the look. So identify the leader. (Photo by Kevin Schafer | Unforgettable Behaviour):

6. Defender penguins, Antarctica. Adélie penguin trying to fight off a large petrels, while chicks huddled tightly in a pile. Petrel – a large bird, although this view is not to say. They can attack the penguins and select chicks from their parents. (Photo Linc Gasking | Unforgettable Behaviour):

7. Katmai National Park, Alaska. Grizzly bear trying to catch salmon. Bears hunting use different techniques, depending on the depth. Here, in shallow water it is trying to catch salmon by their legs and pull it from the bottom. (Photo by Paul Souders | Unforgettable Behaviour):

8. langurs are very sociable, and young people are constantly playing and developing their physical skills as he can. For example, there is a teenager swinging on the tails of the two other teens, and her mother are watching. It is a common thing and nobody irritates. (Photo by Thomas Vijayan | Unforgettable Behaviour):

9. Mighty guard on the river Shambhala, India. It is home to crocodiles gavials of detachment. And this is another conscientious kindergarten. One female undertakes to protect up to 100 young crocodiles. With this guard can feel safe. (Photo by Udayan Rao Pawar | Unforgettable Behaviour):

10. hug in Chobe National Park, Bostvana. This foal zebra caught lions. It may seem that they are so relaxing together, but it’s more like a game of cat and the little zebra left to live for long. However, there are rare occasions when a lioness, catching prey, suddenly change their mind and protect it for a long time, save lives. (Photo by Adrian Bailey | Unforgettable Behaviour):

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