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Evgeniy Timashyov: “People intuitively feel beauty”

Dmitry Pitenin continues to talk about interesting contemporary authors. Today in the center of his attention is the landscape photographer and teacher Evgeniy Timashyov.

Quite unexpectedly I caught myself thinking that if I talk about photographers that I like, then mostly about foreign ones. But there are also very interesting photographers, whose creativity I follow and from whom I study.

Such material can be made more interesting: ask to tell something and the authors themselves. Than I also have used, having addressed to Evgeniy Timashyov for the help in gathering of a material. Show my favorite photos and give a lot of quotes by Evgeniy Timashyov himself – the author is so fascinating about himself that the original plan to write about himself was decisively revised.

Evgeniy Timashyov – landscape photographer and teacher, began to shoot since 2007. So he tells about himself: “I started, like many others, very simply. I searched for photos, books, magazines frames that seemed to me to be steep, and tried to remove something similar. My first inspiration was photography from the coast of Great Britain with the theme of the room “Seascape”. What I saw there was simply incredible. I could not believe that such shots can be done with a camera, and immediately wanted to make them myself. ”

“After independent experiments, it was time for books on photography. I discovered Amazon. Despite the fact that my English was far from ideal, I boldly ordered something that seemed interesting to me. I read every book for a very long time, moved 10-15 pages a day. It was difficult, but incredibly interesting! I just said to myself: it’s okay if you do not understand something. What you can grasp, it will be yours ”

“My main goal was to create strong, emotional, exciting frames, in each of which there are my feelings from the place. Frames that tighten inwards and do not bother to look at them »

“In 2012, I started to conduct master classes and share my ideas and skills with other people. At that moment I realized that it’s not enough to be a good photographer. To be useful to people, you need to become a good teacher. The next 5 years I spent on improving my skills to explain. My learning system has gradually changed, becoming more accurate and focused on the outcome”

“Before that, I wrote my first e-book,” Landscape in the frame: how to create good shots without spending money on equipment. ” I was always puzzled by one question. Why is everyone so fond of talking about photographic equipment? Glasses, working pieces, microns, how much it weighs and how pleasant it is to feel and wear ”

“I believe that you do not need to have an innate talent or a special flair to create impressive cadres. It is not necessary to go behind them to the end of the world or buy a new camera or lens. People intuitively feel beauty. All that they lack is the ability to tell about it in the language of photography ”

“Any person can take good pictures of nature and landscape. If you do not get the inspirational result, it does not mean that something is wrong with you. You just need a textbook on the language of photography. Just like you need an English textbook, if you want to go to London and not feel alien there. ”

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