Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

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August 16 – Day of Memory of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ roll legends of popular music of the XX century.

In the early 70s the press said, “America has given the world four great things – football, Mickey Mouse, Coke Cola and Elvis Presley. One of them – a man. ” This position is defined the place of Elvis Presley in American pop culture.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

Presley’s popularity is so great that at the mention of the name ‘Elvis’ immediately clear who they are. For Americans Presley – idol that is worshiped more than one generation, they still refer to it as simply “the King”. However, in the vivid way the energetic singer’s favorite multi-million dollar public, hidden vulnerable person, a person who could not stand being alone and could not live without my family and friends, who more than anything wanted to be happy.

photovide.com chosen for you the most interesting photos, stories and facts from the life of the legendary musician.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis Presley with his mother and father in 1938]

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tyupelo, Mississippi. He grew up surrounded by music and religion, sang in the church choir. On the eleventh birthday his parents gave him a guitar, which he then sold for $ 8. Actually, Elvis wanted a bicycle, but such a gift the family could not afford.

In 10 years, held the first public appearance of the future star: he performed at the fair folk song «Old Shep» and even won a prize.

“All my life I have lived very well. We never really had any money or anything, but you know – we never went hungry. During this should thank fate “- E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

“I took the guitar, and watching how people play it, and I learned to play a little bit. But I was shy and did not want to sing in public “- E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis on his prom]

Presley never received a musical education and learned to play by ear. In Memphis, where Presley family moved when he was 13 years old, Elvis began to more consciously interested in contemporary music, frequently visited neighborhoods Beale Street, where he watched a game of black bluesmen and wandered the Negro shop, under whose influence he has developed his own, clearly stands out his style of clothing.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis during his second appearance at the concert «Overton Park Shell» August 5, 1955 in Memphis, Tenn.]

“They told me that I can not sing” – E. Presley

In Memphis, Presley worked as a garbage man, and then – a truck driver for $ 45 a week. When Eddie Bond, leader of the professional group of Smith’s, listened to a future legend of ron-n-roll, Elvis, he said that he will never become a famous singer, because truck drivers do not become singers. One year later, Bond realized how much he was mistaken.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis backstage hall «Ellis Auditorium» in Memphis February 6, 1955]

At the same time, a famous disc jockey Dewey Phillips was looking for a white singer with an African voice. He bought a demo Presley, «Without You», and then invited the young singer into the studio to record, but Presley did not live up to expectations. And when everything is going to go home, he suddenly picked up a guitar and started playing «That’s All Right». It made a shocking effect. This is the sound I was searching for Phillips.

“If I could find a white man who sang like a black man, and felt like a Negro, I would give him a billion dollars” – D. Phillips

When he put the song on the radio, the phone just burst on the number of calls to listeners who want to know who the singer. Some even considered a black performer. The interest was such that Phillips turned the record several times in the last two hours of his show. The song has become incredibly popular in Memphis.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Legendary disc jockey Dewey Phillips joined Elvis on stage «Ellis Auditorium» February 6, 1955]

“Someone stamping his foot, someone snaps his fingers, and some rocking back and forth. I just went and began to do it all at once “- E. Presley

In 1956, Elvis came to worldwide fame. It shocked America with his music, clothing, movements, mannerisms and youth. Everything in it was unlike the usual country music artists, and even more so – to crooners like Sinatra. He collected a number of people at his concerts, that in order to accommodate everyone, had to clean the walls of the hall. American young people simply went mad, and the American magazine “Variety” Presley called the “King of Rock and Roll.”

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

“If I ask for an autograph, I will give” – E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

But in addition to people who like Elvis Presley, were certainly those who did not like him. A wave of indignation rose from the older generation, who saw in Presley’s vulgarity and mediocrity. The song «Hound Dog» in the TV show created Elvis Presley’s image as a “rebel”, although the singer had not felt as such.

[Elvis dancing with Barbara Hearn in the living room of his home July 4, 1956]

Barbara Hearn, former girlfriend of Elvis, later recalled that he had a pink bedroom with two single beds pushed together. “She was like a room of a teenage girl – recalls Hearn. – His mother bought what she liked, and he liked it too. He liked what she was doing. ”

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis Presley with his mother]

“I gave my mother the car of her dreams – Pink Cadillac” – E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

“You’re the king, my boy. But remember, the best friend of the King – is his mother. Because all the others either do not understand your genius, or you are not worthy “- G. Presley

Three years later, America has gone mad from elvisomanii. Crowds of fans besieging the luxury hotels, deluxe rooms, littered with flowers. And be sure to call home every evening in Memphis, where mayalas insomnia beloved Gladys, who was waiting for the day when he hears the voice of his beloved son: “It’s okay, Mom.”

Presley loved his mother. He was glad that now that she has enough money for all that she just wishes she could come to town and buy whatever he wants. He demanded that she appeared as an extra in the movie “Love you.” After her death in 1958, Presley never revisited the film.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis in the yard of his home in May 1956]

This photo was taken immediately after returning from a tour of Elvis. Tools group were still lying on the roof of his car. On the left you can see his famous pink “Cadillac”.

“The first car I bought was the most beautiful car in my life. She was a second-hand, but I put it in front of his hotel on the same day as purchased. And did not sleep the whole night – just looked at her, and all “- E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis acts Russvud Park July 4, 1956]

The photographer Robert W. Dai had access, for which everyone is a fan of Elvis was ready to die: he could watch concerts on the stage, three meters from Elvis.

“The scene – the only safe place in the hall. Otherwise, fans simply trample “- photographer R. Give

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

Elvis fans have had a whole country, or even more than one. Languid eyes, spinning hip, animal passion seemed to go crazy women of all ages. Despite the fact that women have never played a major role in the life of Presley, they had many. Elvis were required, as well as drugs to alleviate fear of the existence – and it is “consumed” in large amounts.


“Girls are not a hobby. Rather, it’s fun “- E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis Presley with an unknown girl before the show]

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Behind the scenes, there were always crowds of fans]

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Break from prying fans, Elvis relaxing with his family at his home in Memphis]

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis Presley in the hall «Ellis Auditorium» in Memphis. The photo was taken in the years 1956-1957]

In 1958, America protryasla news about leaving Presley in the army. The news caused protests in the country among young people: to the army and the president were letters demanding to cancel the service for the singer. However, Presley it was a great opportunity to enhance its reputation among the wider population.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[The raised right hand of Elvis Presley meant that the idol of millions officially accepted into the U.S. Army]

Presley was sent to West Germany in Friedberg near Frankfurt. In the army he served the usual duties, along with the other privates. However, his free time he spent in a big way, not shared with other soldiers, visiting cabaret in Paris, went to Italy, bought cars. Presley lived in a separate apartment with her friends, without which he could not do without. A little later, a permanent entourage of friends and family got in the media nickname “Memphis Mafia”.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Presley in the Army]

“What I like the fame, it’s the fact that you have so many friends” – E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis Presley Frank Sinatra on the TV show]

Elvis loved the movie. His passion for cinema was so great that he often rented a movie theater and watching movies alone all night (because the video was not yet invented). He said that he intends to become a good actor like James Dean and Marlon Brando, he dreamed of playing serious dramatic roles.

Presley’s success in popular music opened the way to Hollywood, but forced the studio to give him a role in which the hero had, still singing. Presley sang 10-12 songs playing that sportsmen racers, the Indians, the Arab hostage, the fashion photographer, the tanker, the boxer, the cowboy.

Presley was a natural dark blonde, but after the movie “Love Me Tender” dyed my hair black, and until his death remained a brunette. So he imitated his favorite singers – Mario Lanza and Dean Martin.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Scene from the movie “GI Blues”]

His first and only wife of Elvis Presley met while still in the army. At that time she was only 14 years old. When he saw Priscilla, for some reason he thought, “Here comes the mother’s back! Once the hair a different color. ” After two hours the girl a ride to the house, which sported a huge sign: “Autographs from eight to nine o’clock in the evening.”

Back in America, Elvis even more aware of his mother’s death. He could not wait to get myself a new Gladys – at any price. And in 1962, he hastily summoned have not graduated from high school Priscilla. She ran away from the parental home for the ocean and came to him. Elvis was happy and the first thing caused her to dye her hair black.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

After 5 years, Priscilla Presley made an offer. The wedding was a royal, and when the guests left, Elvis took the little wife in his arms and said sternly: “The king should be the heirs.”

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Exactly 9 months after the wedding, to the day, Elvis and Priscilla had a daughter Lisa-Marie]

In the living embodiment of the American Dream was another side. Money and fame have turned his life into a solid meal. Elvis was forced to lead a nocturnal, day appeared on the streets unless accompanied by security guards. His temperament has played a trick on him: the singer suffered terrible insomnia, took drugs, was mentally unstable, and every careless word or inadequate action caused him attack a wild rage.

If there is a seemingly boundless love surrounding Elvis, he was alone. Priscilla was the only close friend, it brightens up the loneliness. So when she suffered a permanent party in the house and has announced his retirement, it was a severe blow for Elvis and the effect on creativity. He recorded several ballads on the theme of separation: «Always On My Mind», «Separate Ways», «Take Good Care Of Her».

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

Despite all these problems Elvis Presley constantly performed on stage: 8 years they were given 1,100 concerts in the United States, he spent touring 250 days a year, at the concerts was a full house. Therefore, any of his tour was a guaranteed success, and this has led to a dependence on Presley’s tour, which followed one after the other, often depriving the singer needed rest.

“If you want to gather a crowd, you have to arrange for the performance of people. If you’ll just stand there and sing and even lifted a finger, then people will say that kind of nonsense, I could stay home and listen to the recording. You have to give them a show “- E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis during his speech, 1972]

“I look at my audience and I feel that together we get rid of something bad. None of us knows what. It is important that we get rid while not harming anyone “- E. Presley

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

[Elvis performs at New York’s Nassau Coliseum, July 1975]

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll had no right to grow old, but life is at the limit of human capabilities has done its job. In April 1977 speech Presley unexpectedly interrupted due to forced hospitalization.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

Already on the first samples after discharge from the hospital, it was clear that Presley was tired. He does not move, the performance of the songs were mostly indifferent, and the general view – painful. Voltage hundreds of concerts, after which his long haunted insomnia, speaking to the audience of thousands left their mark on the health and emotional state of the singer.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

The last years of his life Presley spent in a drug daze. His health deteriorated, he plumped heavily. Before each performance Presley braced with strong stimulants, and then fell into a drowsy state.

August 16, 1977 Presley, as usual, came to his estate after midnight. And about two hours of the day Ginger Alden, the last companion of Presley, has found his lifeless body on the floor. An autopsy revealed that excessive dosage of various drugs was the cause of cardiac arrest. Presley was 42 years old, the same age his mother was when she died.

Elvis Presley: The Life is Concert

After the death of Elvis Presley was 36 years old. But all the world, and today continues to deify him. Circulation of plates issued during the years of his life and works, reach a billion copies. Music of Elvis Presley continues to be published, without losing speed. Periodically conducted large-scale marketing campaigns that output Presley in the top of the charts.

His estate “Graceland” is the second in the United States after the White House a place on attendance, but on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood has a star named Elvis Presley, which he received for his achievements and contributions to the field of music.

Elvis’s death is the biggest tragedy of rock and pop music. The King is dead, and no one could replace him.

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