Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

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Examples of Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

October 8, 1967 in the UK for the first time adopted a law regulating the content of alcohol in the blood of drivers, but then began to use the measuring tube. After 10 years, experts have determined that due to the law, was saved from death on the roads more than 6,000 people.

We decided to compare the practices permitted norms ppm of drivers around the world and picked up the latest examples of the penalties for driving under the influence.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

1. Belarus

Let’s start with the Belarus, where the laws are quite severe, if exceeded the rate of 0.04 per thousand for the first time, the driver will pay up to 70-400 dollars and lose the license for three years. For relapse may be sent to prison – a criminal offense.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

2. Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, as well as in some Eastern European countries, for example – Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, adopted the “zero tolerance to alcohol,” ie, 0.0 ppm, and in the event of a breach of the law the penalty is 200-470 euros.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

3. Croatia

Previously, such a measure was applied in Croatia, but under pressure from tourism companies the law was changed, and now the legal limit of alcohol in the driver’s blood is 0.5 parts per thousand – this is approximately 40 ml. vodka or a glass of white wine. If the drunk driver violates traffic rules or gets into an accident, there is also triggered the principle of “zero tolerance.” But the penalty for driving drunkenness would be relatively small – from 70 euros.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

4. Germany

According to the European system of traffic rules permitted alcohol level should not exceed 0.5 ppm. Such a rule is established in almost all the countries of Western Europe. However, drivers with less than two years old or under 21 years and taxi drivers to drive even with a small amount of alcohol in the blood is strictly prohibited. When the accident occurred, the punishment threatened in any nonzero alcohol content. In Germany, the “well-drunk” driver, hitting for the first time, paying 500 euros for the second time – 1000 euros, the third violation costing as much as 3000 euros!

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

5. United Kingdom

In England, impunity can be used up to 0.8 ppm, it is almost 2 glasses of wine. But this is where Europe’s largest fines for drunkenness driving – 7200 euros!

By the way, the very first driver fined for drunk driving, has become a London taxi driver George Smith: September 10, 1897, he was fined as much as 25 shillings.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

6. France

There expensive wines for driving under the influence, that is, after drinking more than 1 glass, the driver faces a summons and a fine of 135 euros (up 0.8 per thousand), EUR 4,500 for exceeding the 0.8 ppm and up to 30,000 euros if it was an accident. In case of serious accident – 150,000 euros and 10 years in prison. All French motorists must carry a kit for testing for alcohol in the blood – and interestingly enough, leaving the restaurant, for example, they need to take advantage of before getting into the car. The absence of such a kit for yourself, accordingly, subject to a fine.

Frankly, it’s hard to imagine a holiday on the Cote d’Azur respectable tourists, who after dinner with wine, sitting in any Porsche, suddenly begin to measure at mille …

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

7. USA

In America, all strictly: lovers of drink can go to prison for a term of six months to one year, as well as being subjected to prolonged deprivation of a driver’s license. Allowable blood alcohol content – 0.8 ppm (for drivers over 21 years). The driver for the first time caught drunk (and was the cause of the accident), with a fine of $ 300 and forfeiture of rights for six months. But it can only stop in case of violation of the rules. If he comes across the police the second time in ten years, a fine may be up to five thousand dollars for a third – up to 10 thousand dollars. If a drunk driver caused a fatal accident, he will receive 10 years in prison, but according to the laws of any state rules may be different.

All of this for the U.S. and European countries in which habits are pretty tolerant. Let’s see how things work in Asian countries?

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

8. Singapore

In Singapore, the driver, whom ulichat that he got behind the wheel drunk, can be flogged. To punish the drunk driver blows with a stick used (more than a meter in length and about an inch thick). In addition to corporal punishment, the motorist runs a risk to a fine of 200-230 Singapore dollars (one Singapore Dollar ~ 0.75 USD). However, the 0.08 ppm are humanely resolved.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

9. China

In China, the law is particularly severe. One driver who gave a fatal accident, was sentenced to death. If a motorist is caught in a drunken state and party unpleasant driving situations has not yet become, the responsibility would still be criminal – for the period from 1 month to 6. Also provides deprivation of rights for three years. Well, and 0.0 ppm, respectively.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

10. Thailand

At about the same things, and Thailand. Drunk culprit of the accident, which killed people, could be sentenced to death. Despite this, 0.05 ppm still allowed.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

11. Japan

This country is also very hard on drunk driving citizens – the drunk driver (more than 0.03 ppm) is threatened with serious fine and deprivation of rights for a long time. If drunken perpetrator of the accident fled the scene of an accident, the rights will be taken away for 10 years. Japan has a “dry law” for drivers. The country is being punished not only the drunk drivers, but passengers when passing them in the car. If the driver will be drunk, his every adult passenger has to pay a fine equivalent to $ 3,000. No exception is made even for passengers and shuttle buses. The driver also faces a minimum of 8,700 dollar fine or five years in prison.

The driver may deprive the rights of life, if he is driving a car while drunk, got killed by one or more pedestrians.

In Japan, the bartender did not even have the right to sell alcoholic beverages, if he knows that the visitor at the wheel. For a misdemeanor bar may deny a license.

Punishment of Drunk Drivers in Different Countries

12. UAE

In the Emirates, as in most of the Arab countries (and Islamic at all) to talk about the punishment for drunk driving is not possible. There is an offense to the use of alcohol by itself, because Islam forbids the faithful to touch the wine.


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