Drawings with a taste of childhood by Kathy Hare

Touching illustration of an English artist sent us into the most carefree times of our lives.

The magical world of childhood is very close, if you look at the drawings English artist Kathy Hare. A passion for painting manifested in her early childhood, and when Kathy grown children of their own, she decided to bring his boundless desire and opportunity in the career of the artist. Today, the artist draws illustrations for children’s books, is developing its own design greeting card, and her work is very popular in the UK.

The artist prefers to work with traditional materials such as pastels and colored pencils. Perhaps this is why Kathy Hare pictures turn out very expressive and moody. She expertly uses motifs that send us to the childhood, full of joy and dreams. Wherein the composition is constructed in such a way that the person was interesting to scrutinize the work for a long time, and it seems that the characters in the illustrations conceal a secret.

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